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About The Rankings

How the Rankings work:

The Rankings are a weighted computer model that takes into account your record, the record of your opponents, and your best wins. As such, there is no subjectivity in the ranking. The Rankings also only show what has happened up through the date of publication. 


We have no dogs in the fight. (Our Wrestlers graduated, got jobs, and moved on to adulthood already.) 

If you disagree with your's or your friend's ranking. Prove the computers wrong on the mat next Saturday (don't complain to us) and the rankings will reflect your achievements.

Common Question:

Q1. Where are the Girls Rankings?

A1. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to distinguish between Boys and Girls in the data set. 

Q2. Why is Wrestler A ranked ahead of Wrestler B when Wrestler B beat Wrestler A in a head-to-head match?


A2. Wrestler A and Wrestler B have unique resumes; at this time, the resume of Wrestler A is better than Wrestler B despite the head-to-head result. (If it really matters the two wrestlers will see each other on the mat during the state final and they can hash it out there for all the glory.) 

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